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    To this very day, Sulpicio Lines, Inc., keeps a "grass-roots" emphasis on business. Executives involve themselves in the day-to-day operations of the business, giving individual clients direct and personal access to top management. This is reflective of Don Sulpicio's belief that a manager's guiding hand must be felt at the lowest level of business.

     The company is managed by Don Sulpicio's eight sons, each taking the reins in varius areas of operations. The new and emerging generation of leaders, consisting of the grandchildren of Don Sulpicio, are now helping steer the company into the 21st century.









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CEBU MAIN OFFICE: Sulpicio Go St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City. Tel. Nos.: (032) 232-5361 (Connecting all departments) CEBU HOTLINE: (032) 233-1100
MANILA BRANCH OFFICE: 415 San Fernando St., Binondo, Manila. Tel. Nos.: (02) 241-9701 to 07, 241-9801 to 05
PRINCESS TERMINAL: Pier 12, North Harbour, Manila. Tel. Nos.: (02)-245-0616 to 30
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