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     Due to the archipelagic nature of the Philippines, an effective sea transport system plays a very significant and crual role in the economy. Interisland shipping is still the single most impoertant and cost-effective means of transporting the majority of our goods and people.

     Sulpicio Lines, Inc., envisions to actively participate in the achievement of economic progress by making presently remote areas easily accessible from our major ports. Sulpicio Lines, Inc., sees the pouring of goods and people from the major ports and into these less viable routes as a means of bringing real development to the countryside.

     Sulpicio Lines is one of the largest inter-island shipping company in the Philippines with 16 passenger/cargo vessels, 10 cargo container vessels, 3 tugboats and 3 barges.

     The company envisions to usher a new era for domestic shipping that focuses on higher levels of quality standards for the benefit of the sea-going public and shippers, the company and its people, and the domestic shipping industry as a whole.





CEBU MAIN OFFICE: Sulpicio Go St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City. Tel. Nos.: (032) 232-5361 (Connecting all departments) CEBU HOTLINE: (032) 233-1100
MANILA BRANCH OFFICE: 415 San Fernando St., Binondo, Manila. Tel. Nos.: (02) 241-9701 to 07, 241-9801 to 05
PRINCESS TERMINAL: Pier 12, North Harbour, Manila. Tel. Nos.: (02)-245-0616 to 30
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