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      Sulpicio Lines, Inc. is soaring high on it's 27th year of fruitful and dedicated service to the Philippines shipping industry. the organization banks on the wealth of it's experience and strength of it's commitment. Indeed and experienced mariner, tossed, battered and torn at certain points, the company rises, a learned survivor and stands firm on a foundation of reliable resources and the conviction and over 12 teritary routes to the more remote islands in the archipelago, a commitment inherited from it's respected founder Don Sulpicio Go or Go Guioc So who was an experienced sailor, a seasoned administrator and a dedicated man of service.

     Each of the company's luxury liners has superb facilities that offer outmost comfort and convenience to passengers as well as efficient handling of cargo to and from points in the nation. travelling on board any of the latest addition fleet has been, a matter of fact, likened to almost like traveling on ocean liners and cruise ships abroad.

     Sulpicio lines rides high, sails high, soars high on the waves of sterling shipping to brighter horizon of excellent marine transport service with a greater sense of responsibility, a deeper commitment and a staunch belief that it can steer the industry and country to progress from generation to generation...

     SULPICIO LINES, INC. the first domestic shipping company that has been audited by two external auditors accredited by Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) the Bureau Veritas of Paris and the Bureau Veritas Quality International of London. Both have certified that the company's Safety Management System (SMS) has complied with the requirements of the International Safety Management Code (ISM) and International Quality Assurance Management Standard (ISO 9002-1994). respectively. Truly a fulfillment to its commitment of excellece in providing necessary links among the different island in the archipelago. The company still sails on to give you a more efficient, better, safer, and quality marine transportation.



CEBU MAIN OFFICE: Sulpicio Go St., Reclamation Area, Cebu City. Tel. Nos.: (032) 232-5361 (Connecting all departments) CEBU HOTLINE: (032) 233-1100
MANILA BRANCH OFFICE: 415 San Fernando St., Binondo, Manila. Tel. Nos.: (02) 241-9701 to 07, 241-9801 to 05
PRINCESS TERMINAL: Pier 12, North Harbour, Manila. Tel. Nos.: (02)-245-0616 to 30
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